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Sean Fitzgerald Art

Celtic Year print


High detail print. 210 x 297mm,
250gm card

The four Gaelic seasons, Samhain (beginning of winter), can be celebrated from the 31 October to 1 November. Or it can be celebrated as a lunar festival, starting from the new moon. I've put in the standard dates according to the Gregorian calendar. Imbolc (beginning of spring), can be celebrated from Feb 1st to the 2nd. Bealtaine (beginning of summer), April 30th to May 1st and Lughnasadh (beginning of the harvest), July 31st to August 1st.

On Samhain and on Imbolc The Mound of the Hostages (Dumha na nGiall) at the Hill of Tara and other ritual cairns in Ireland are aligned with sunrise at Samhain. Food is offered to the gods and the dead on Samhain and great feasts are held. Imbolc is related to the feminine aspect and the Goddess Brigid. At Bealtaine, large protective and cleansing bonfires are made. Then Lughnasadh is a harvest and
fertility festival is held to honor Lugh Lámhfhada's mother Tailtiu.